Let’s preface this review with the reminder that a facial SPF does earn its place in your daily skincare routine.

Spending big on cosmeceuticals, anti-aging and active skincare is worthless without the prevention protection of an SPF - and no, your foundation with the added 15SPF isn’t enough.

We’ve come a long way from our baby boomer parents smothering themselves in baby oil, to actively seeking out full solar spectrum SPF options.

Until recently, there was a huge gap in the market for wearable facial SPF’s without the greasy white cast finish that made us cringe at the thought of sunscreen on our face.

Developing an SPF in Australia is an arduous pursuit; I figured if it passed our regulations AND claimed to feel and look good on the skin, it was worth a look at.

Ultra Voilette’s founders, Ava Matthews & Rebecca Jefferd come from seriously impressive backgrounds in luxe beauty (think Mecca Cosmetica & Rationale), which really got me over the line.

Milky white to a traceless glow

Milky white to a traceless glow

For my normal to dry skin, I went straight to Ultra Violette’s hero product, Queen Screen.

Its brilliance is Ultra Violette effortlessly slots a 50SPF sunscreen disguised as a plush serum into your skincare routine, while considering your other skincare and make-up products.

It’s lightweight, non-greasy, doesn’t pill, has no white cast, is fast absorbing and milky in consistency and colour. PHEW.

This product does what it says; your skin is safeguarded from the full solar spectrum:

  • UVB (sunburn/skin cancer)

  • UVA (ageing skin damage),

  • Infrared + blue light (your device screen)

  • Pollution (dull inducing dirt & grime).

This is one of their two chemical SPFS, but don’t let the ‘C’ word scare you, as there’s no nasties aka, parabens and oxybenzone, it’s not tested on animals, and the product doesn’t have any trace of a sticky white grease.

The serum imparts a glow in both its dewiness and the subtle illuminating formula. Emphasis on the illuminating, there’s no ‘glitter’ flecks detectable.

Each product contains a super food ingredient that works to protect your skin against free radical damage, improve tone and texture, and keep it hydrated for 72 hours. I’ve definitely noticed I retain the hydrated ‘plump’ you see when you first apply your skincare routine last throughout the day.

If you don’t like wearing make up daily like me, then you’ll be really happy with the finish it gives your bare skin.

There’re a lot of reviews of the added rose fragrance being too strongly scented that it’s unwearable, whilst others claim it’s “like rubbing fresh roses directly on your face”. People either love or hate fragrance, and while no scent is generally the safest bet, I find the scent strong when I first dispense the product, but no longer noticeable once it’s on my face.

For those with sensitive skin - SPF’s usually raise itchy, hot mess, break out inducing alarms, but Ultra Violette is especially great for sensitive skin.

I haven’t tried Supreme Screen, but it’s sold as the ‘lazy persons SPF’, a three in one moisturiser, primer and SPF (a great option for guys!).

Clean Screen is Ultra Viollete’s mineral SPF answer to skin concerns like acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and oily skin. It’s more mattifying than the other two, but has the same 72 hour hydrating formula.

All Ultra Violette’s products are designed to be worn every day, regardless of the weather, but if you’re in the direct sun they recommend reapplying every two hours. Queen screen layers seamlessly, so you wont have any issues.


Before the advent of Queen Screen to my arsenal of products, I was a devoted user of Glossier’s Invisible Shield, which is literally traceless in every aspect and often leaves me wondering if I even put any on.

For this reason – it’s hard to compare the two, but I haven’t picked it up since using Ultra Violette… so that kind of says it all.

If you’ve been considering Invisible Shield and you live in Australia (the land of no Glossier shipping), Ultra Violette is a no brainer.

I purchased mine from Adore Beauty because brilliant customer service, free express shipping and TIM TAMS!

Queen screen retails for $47 for 50ml and I think it’s 100% worth it.