I need a QR code with an immediate link-to-purchase for the amount of times I’ve plugged this product.

It’s a constant feature for anyone who asks about my skin routine or what they can do for theirs – and for good reason. No matter the skin type or concern - the Ordinary’s Niacinimide serum is a topical active EVERYONE can benefit from.

It’s uniquely compatible with any products in your skin routine and when you’re consistent with it, I promise your discipline will pay off.


What is Niacinamide & why this serum?

Niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3) and Zinc are two of the most efficient blemish-battling ingredients, combined in a super high concentrated formula.

Niacinamide works with the natural substances in your skin to help visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin-tone, congestion, fine lines and dullness, whilst strengthening the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). BUSY.

What I notice most on myself is Niacinamide’s super power to reduce & eliminate congestion & blemishes. A high 10% concentration (most products are 5%), supported in the formula by zinc is the perfect blend to balance and control sebum (oil) production.


The lightweight, water based fluid serum works to reduce both future blemishes and reduce the appearance of existing ones. The consistency is a clear gel-like liquid, and I apply a squirt of the pipet all over the face.

Because it’s water-based, make sure it’s applied after cleansing/toning and before any oils or heavier creams. Use both AM & PM religiously for best results.

To the (dot) point – This serum targets:

⁃ Breakouts

⁃ Open pores

⁃ Oily skin

⁃ Congestion

⁃ Regulate oil production

⁃ Brightens skin tone/aids pigmentation

I like to think of this product as my complexion regulator - of oil, congestion and overall skin clarity.

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Price point and availability

The Ordinary have just launched a 60ml ($17.80AUD) option alongside their original 30ml ($9.90AUD) bottle (bought it immediately). A little goes a long way, but the 60ml is a no brainer for the frequency it’s used.

Fortunately, the majority of The Ordinary’s range comes in at less than a tenner, and widely available on the best online retailers - I personally get mine from Adore Beauty. (Next-day delivery & Tim Tams… we know this now). 60ml only available online at The Ordinary.

I often find myself reassuring people of the brilliance of Deciem when the quality is questioned because of the low price point. Why is one of the best serums I’ve used under $10?

Because Deciem (also known as the Abnormal Beauty Company) are just that - They’re no fluff and breaking the wheel of the overpriced cosmetic industry.

Packaging is minimal, no fragrances are used and they’re completely transparent when presenting their list of ingredients. Try it, and be consistent. If you use too much product, you’ll see it lather white on your face – use less.

NOTE: If you’re cautious of a reaction when trying new products, do a test patch first by applying a small amount of product to a clean area of skin on your forearm.

Keep the area dry and rinse after 24 hours. If there are any signs of irritation - it’s not for you. If nothing’s happened, onwards up to the face! * If you’re currently using a vitamin C, it’s suggested you alternate the use of this serum with your Vit C (one in the AM, the other in the PM) as Niacinamide can affect the integrity of the Vitamin C.